Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in a report?

A report is the document that contains the results of our analysis and is structured to provide you all the information you need. It starts with the key learnings, i.e. the most important lessons that came out from the analysis: if you don’t have time to read the whole report, this is all you need to know. If you want to deepen the results, the following sections of the report detail the different objects of investigation of the analysis, through graphs and explanatory comments to simplify your reading. Lastly, in the appendix you can find more graphs with all the collected data, so that if you want you can analyze it by yourself and draw further conclusions.

What's the difference between a ``quantitative`` and ``qualitative`` report?

In the quantitative analysis we analyze the marketing activities results in numbers, i.e. collecting all the figures for the different marketing channels. For example, in the case of a website analysis we identify for all competitors the estimated traffic, the users level of engagement and the sources of traffic. On the other hand, in the qualitative analysis we consider the strategic aspects that go beyond the numbers. Carefully analyzing the website, the owned social channels, the brand mentions and so on, we identify the brand strategies in terms of published content, lead generation initiatives, the topics covered by users, etc.

What's included in the ``Quantitative Competitive Analysis``?

The Quantitative Competitive Analysis analyzes the results of the brand and its competitors in the different marketing channels:

  • Website: estimated level of traffic, user engagement on the site, users traffic sources;
  • SEO: which keywords bring more traffic to the site organically, the estimated budget for paid advertising on Adwords and keywords on which each brand is investing, analysis of incoming links (backlinks) to the site;
  • Social network: number of fans, profile engagement and publication strategy on all major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.);
  • Reputation (synthetic): the number of mentions of the brand in the last three months on Twitter, Instagram, blogs, news and media, the sources of the mentions, the topics covered and the most used hashtags.
What's included in the ``Qualitative Competitive Analysis``?

The Qualitative Competitive Analysis analyzes the strategies of the brand and its competitors in the different marketing channels:

  • Website: the site structure and its contents, the lead generation initiatives, the ways to contact the website;
  • SEO: in-depth analysis of the incoming links, to identify important sites for referral activities;
  • Social network: analysis of the editorial plan, identifying the main categories, the types of posts and the posts that have been more successful;
  • Reputation (synthetic): analysis of mentions in the last three months on Twitter, blogs, news and media, post examples for different topics, the main hashtag, the main influencer.
What's included in the ``Reputation Analysis``?

The Reputation Analysis, both for a brand and its competitors, includes:

  • Analysis of the number of brand mentions in a period of time on Twitter, forums, blogs, news sites, Instagram, Youtube, with in-depth analysis of the peaks of mentions;
  • Demographic analysis of users who mentioned the brand
  • Sentiment analysis, identifying examples of very positive and very negative mentions
  • Topics analysis, with examples for each topic;
  • Influencers identification for each channel
  • Excel file with the detail of all mentions.
How can I get a report?

Complete the form on this page to give us an idea of what you need: we will send your customized quote as soon as possible, with costs and completion time, and we will contact you to learn more of your needs. Once you accept the quote, we are ready to go: we do all the work and you receive the report with the results of your analysis. Need an explanation? No problem, we can present the report results to you!

What's included in the report?

The report includes all of the costs of data acquisition and the work to process and compute the data. In addition, your custom quote proposal will contain an indication of everything that will be included in the report according to your requirements.