Web Reputation Analysis

Who's talking about you?

Web Reputation: why it matters

On the Web, users have the power to influence what others think of your company simply expressing their views on a social network or commenting on a blog article. Consider that every day people share billions of online conversations that include references to brands and shopping experiences. If one single customer has a problem with your product, thousands of people could know it!


Similarly, you must be the first to know if an important magazine publishes an article about you, or if a user with many followers had written a positive post about your business! Only by knowing it first you could use it to your advantage, amplifying even more the mentions positive effects.

Perchè serve l'analisi della reputazione online

How does the analysis work

Sources selection

We listen to the major social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube), then to forums, blogs and news sites.

Mentions collection

We eliminate the noise from the online conversations, to screen only those that speak of your brand and your competitors.

Sentiment identification

Are mentions positive or negative? With the help of semantic analysis software, we identify the sentiment of each mention.

Data visualization

We answer questions like: what are the topics people talked about most frequently? Who are the influencers? Where do they mention us?

The advantages of reputation monitoring

Prevent possible crisis

Detect product problems

Find new influencers

Social customer care

Know your customers

Find buying drivers

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