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Why planning an online marketing strategy

On the web everything is before anyone’s eyes! – Effective marketing is not a simple task and in case of online marketing it is even harder: more than in the offline world, all the digital channels are closely linked. If a users read an article about your products, they can immediately go to visit your site and your social pages. Similarly, if they see your advertising banners they can start searchin for articles and reviews about you.


Coordinated actions – Therefore, do you understand that all the activities you plan to perform online should be in synergy with each other and nothing can be left to chance. Launching a promotion campaign on Facebook is of little use if in the meantime your Facebook page is not updated and your website does not work at best!


Choosing the right channels – Not all possible channels are right for your company: before investing time and money to build a new website, or to entry on a social network or to launch an advertising campaign, it is important to know that these activities really work in your industry. In short, you need an action plan.

Strategia online perchè serve

How we elaborate the strategy

Starting from the analysis

The competitive and reputation analysis help have a picture of the general situation and of successful campaigns in your industry.

Needs assessment

How much is your budget, how many people can perform the marketing activities and what are the goals you want to achieve in the short term?

KPI and goals definition

Achievable and timed goals are necessary to understand where you are going and to continuously monitor whether you are achieving them.

Strategy elaboration

We formulate a draft strategy, identifying the most effective actions in the different online (and sometimes offline) marketing channels.

Which activities do we consider

Content marketing

Lead generation initiatives

Social Channels Choosing

Editorial Plan Definition

Digital PR Activities

Paid Facebook and SEM adv, effective content marketing

The web is made of content, conversations and opinions.


Content marketing is an essential part of online marketing: it includes the contents on your website, the blog and news sections, the posts you publish on social networks, the videos and photos, etc. is the platform that enhances all this types of content, collecting them in one place and allowing the user to browse them at will from one website. Besides, communication should not be one-way only: on, users can participate actively creating articles and conversations, and you can organize contests and user generated content initiatives.

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