Competitive Analysis

An overview of your industry online

Competitive Analysis: why it matters

A source of invaluable information – The analysis of competitors strategies and results makes us understand what our benchmark is, i.e. what results should we aim to. For example, if your competitors have on average three times as much your fans on Facebook, maybe it’s time to give yourself a more challenging target!


Avoiding errors – In addition, by analyzing the outcome of their campaigns, we can learn from their successes and avoid their mistakes. For example, did they spend a great deal on AdWords aadvertising with limited traffic return? Discovering their keywords, you can avoid running into the same trap.

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How the analysis works

Channels selection

We analyze quality and results of website and social media, the SEO and SEM choices, the online reputation, the lead generation activities.

Your situation assessment

The first step is looking at your online strategy, mapping the results you are obtaining in all your and earned online marketing channels.

Competition analysis

We repeat the analysis for each of your competitors, collecting all the data and recording ideas for new strategies.

Data processing

We make the collected information understandable through graphs and charts, while processing the results to provide clear and viable insight.

The advantages of competitors analysis

Discover your benchmark

Find achievable results

Optimize SEO choices

Find new inspiration

Identifies the right channels

Avoid competition mistakes

Shamat: all the marketing analysis, one tool

Collecting and computing all your marketing data won’t be a problem anymore.


After countless marketing analysis, we decided to apply our experience to create the tool that we would have used ourselves. A control panel that automatically collects all the data on the different marketing channels and helps you interpret them, supporting you in all your analysis and reporting.

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