Campaigns ROI evaluation

Have you reached your goals?

Campaign ROI: why it matters

Online everything leaves a trace – While is very difficult to quantify traditional marketing results, on the Web any action completed by users is available as an accessible peace of data. From a click on an ad, to a comment on a social network, to a video view: all these small actions contribute to an overall design that shows how people have reacted to your campaign.


Start from your goals – That’s why it’s vital to know from the start what results we want to achieve from each key metric, and ensure to have the right tools in place to track them. For example, from our website is it possible to track not only user clicks, but also the sources of traffic, the screen areas where users concentrate their attention, how many times the users return and more. To get all this information it is necessary to have the right tools and manage the campaign with an eye on the results!

Perchè serve valutare i risultati di marketing

How the evaluation works

KPI and goals setting

We start by understanding what you want to achieve from the campaign, what are the most important metrics and the target for each of them.

Tracking setting

We make sure that everything is in its place: the UTM links, traffic analysis services installed on the site, buzz tracking, hashtag monitoring, etc.

Data collecting

All the obtained metrics are gathered together to get an overall picture of the results and to extract meaningful information.

ROI evaluation

We create an overall report of the campaign and evaluate whether the goals have been achieved, suggesting improvements for the future.

The data we track

On site users behaviour

Social network results

Hashtag virality

Buzz quantification

ADV results

E-commerce sales

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