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We start analyzing what’s going on in your market online, tracking you and your competitors.

We track and analyze all the conversations about you on social media, blogs, forums and more.

We help you answer you business questions exploiting the Web capabilities.

We turn all the data collected through the analysis into your next competitive advantage.

We evaluate the results of your marketing efforts to see if you reached your goals. 

Competitive Analysis

Selling online is a strategy game: the starting point is knowing your moves and your competitors ones.

We help you assess what your competitors are doing in the multiple online marketing channels, from website to SEO, to social networks and online reputation. Discover which keywords bring more traffic to their website and on which keywords are they investing their AdWords budget. Identify which lead generation initiatives are more successful and which strategies are they playing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. Find out which bloggers and newspapers are talking about them and what do they say about their products and services.

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arcadya - Perchè serve analizzare la concorrenza
Arcadya Services - reputation analysis

Online Reputation Monitoring & Analysis

We monitor what is said your brand and your competitors.

Whatever your business, be sure there are people who talk about it online. Some of them could be exchanging opinions and advice on forums, others could be complaining on social networks after a bad purchasing experience, others could be comparing your products with competitors ones on their blog, and so on. Nowadays, being aware of these conversations is no longer an option, but a necessity: it is the only way to prevent potential crises, to increase customer loyalty and also to find new leads. We help you map all these conversations and analyze them, to give you the answers you need.

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Market Researches and other Analysis

Your business instinct is important, but today you can give it a hand. 

There are questions that do not seem to have an answer: we would need a crystal ball! Yet, the Web offers such resources that you can at least limit the questions and find the information that make easier to take strategic decisions. For example, are you about to launch a new product line and do you want to know in advance what the reaction of the public would be? No need to wait for the first sales data: we can do a market test before you go into production. More, did you came out with a name for a new product and do you want to know if it is winning? We analyze the meanings of that word, in which occasions do people use it and if there are other products with that name. Just let us know what questions keep you awake at night!

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Arcadya Services - market researches and other analysis
Arcadya Services - online marketing strategy

Marketing Strategies Design

Any data can be critical or unnecessary depending on the capacity to interpret and correlate it with other information.

Starting from the analysis of the competition, of your situation and of your online reputation, we draw conclusions to guide your marketing choices, online and beyond. In this way, we help you translate the identified information into actions and strategies to achieve your goals.

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Campaign ROI Evaluation

No activity is really successful if you don’t monitor its results.

Being able to evaluate the results is not so easy as it could seem. When it comes to digital marketing activities, in fact, all the channels are connected together: to assess the impact of a campaign you need to analyze the results at a 360 degrees view. It’s not enough to just analyze your website traffic, or the number of likes on your Facebook posts: you must also track who spoke on social networks, what was the impact on your business and what were the channels that had more success. We help you plan the best way to set up the results analysis even before the campaign, while after we evaluate whether the goals have been achieved or not.

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Arcadya Services - campaign roi evaluation

Do you want the Web to become an open book?

Our experience in the analysis of the digital data is at your disposal to help you get the picture of the situation and to find answers to questions that apparently have no solution.   

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