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Analyse the Web as never before

A suite of solutions specialized in the analysis of online conversations.

Sysomos MAP Preview

Tap into billions of conversations spanning 189 countries with up to two years of historical data.

Sysomos HeartBeat Preview

Capture the moment when content goes viral or when a crisis breaks with minute-by-minute analysis of buzz.

Sysomos SCOUT Preview

The brand-new solution to gain access to and analyze Facebook data like never before, respecting privacy.

Sysomos Gaze Preview

Find images of your brand and products across social channels and bring them together in one place.

Sysomos awarded “Strategy Leader” by Frost & Sullvian 2016

Frost & Sullivan has recognized Sysomos as a leading strategic provider of social analytics and insights and social media mangement services. In its annual report, the company prized Sysomos for its unmatched capability to integrate the listening of different channels which create a 360-degree view of the customer.

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Unlimited searches across more than 500 billion online conversations on social networks, forums, blogs and other media.

What do you want to look for today? As a search engine, Sysomos MAP allows for unlimited search and results on any brand or topic, going back up to two years historical data and performing ad-hoc search. You can choose the level of detail you’d like, from reading the single mentions to viewing aggregate analyses: discover users demographics, analyze the most talked topics and keywords, evaluate the sentiment, locate influencers and more.


MAP is the ideal solution for large brands and marketing agencies, who must perform multiple and various analysis for different objectives.

Sysomos Map Mentions Over time
Sysomos Map Mentions Over time
Sysomos map Instagram hashtag analysis
Instagram hashtag analysis
Sysomos Map Custom dashboards for data analysis
Custom dashboards for data analysis
Sysomos Haertbeat Custom dashboards for data analysis
Custom dashboards for overall mentions analysis
Sysomos Heartbeat Manage tags and queries
Manage tags and queries
Sysomos Heartbeat Mentions details
Mentions dashboard to read conversations and reply to users
Sysomos Haertbeat Schedule and publish social posts
Schedule and publish social posts
logo sysomos heartbeat

Measure the results of your marketing campaigns and interact with your community.

What are your customers saying about you? Day after day, Heartbeat collects all the conversations about your brand, your competitors and the topics that relate to your industry, alerting you if a crisis erupts and sending daily reports on your reputation. Monitor how your marketing campaigns and hashtags are going, analyze the demographics of your audience and respond real-time to users talking about you.


Heartbeat is the ideal solution for any brand to always know what is said of their products and enhance their customer care.


Access and analyze private and public Facebook Topic data, in full privacy respect.

What are people saying on Facebook? Until recently, most of the Facebook data were off limits: analyzing private conversations was impossible! SCOUT analyzes all the conversations, public and private, in an aggregate way. It offers insight on demographic characteristics of the audience that talk about a certain topic or brand, such as their age, gender, geo-localization, their related interests, the topics they talk about, the sentiment of their posts and more.


SCOUT is the ideal solution for large brands, marketing agencies, e-commerce and anyone who bases their marketing strategy on Facebook.

Sysomos Scout Topic data dashboard
Summary dashboard with key data collected by Scout: trends over time, demographics, sentiment, types of interactions, etc.
Sysomos Scout Trend Analysis
Trend analysis: in the example, the distribution of the topics by geographical Country
Sysomos Scout Custom Queries
Sysomos Gaze Photo Monitor
Preview of trending posts on Instagram and Twitter mentioning the brand
Sysomos Gaze Data Analytics
Time trends of the photos share on Instagram including the brand mention
Sysomos Gaze Community Engagement
Community Manager, initiatives to interact with potential users and expand the community
logo sysomos gaze

Image recognition and monitoring for social media, analytics, campaign management and reporting.

In which photos do my products appear? If text mentions analysis may be easy, images can be tricky, in particular now that social media are increasingly becoming more and more visual. GAZE, thanks to a complex image recognition algorithm, collects in a single platform all the photos shared on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, which are linked to your brand. What’s more, you can engage your community and organize photo contests directly from an easy-to-use interface.


GAZE represents the perfect solution for brands in industrial sectors in which images are fundamental (fashion, food, travel, home decoration, etc.) for campaign analysis, for user generated content (UGC), for reporting and anti counterfeiting.

Engage with your community at best

Solutions to engage with your audience, optimize your advertising campaigns and discover your brand influencers and advocates.

Sysomos Expion Custom Dashboard

Sysomos EXPION

The most complete solution for managing social networks in an efficient and collaborative way. Discover new content, monitor and moderate social channels, schedule posts and analyze your results.

Sysomos Influence Explore influencers


The most advanced solution for influencer marketing on Twitter. Discover new influencers in your industry, read their conversations, analyze their community and contact them effectively.

Sysomos Optimize Create new Twitter Users lists


The service to manage and optimize advertising campaigns on Twitter. Identify look-alike audiences in seconds to grow and optimize your campaign audience for a better ROI.

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Which is the perfect solution for you? Depending on the needs of your business, we suggest you the best fitting product and support you to take the most out of it.