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Analyze your competitors and track your results from a single dashboard.

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Enhance your content marketing activities and capture your audience.

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Find out who's talking about you, respond to your customers and prevent reputation crisis.

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The control panel of your digital marketing.

Shamat is a marketing tool that collects all the important information about what is going on in the different online marketing channels, making it easy to understand by using summary indexes that compare your results to those of the competitors.


To help your daily work, Shamat monitors constantly your brand mentions and the major changes in the data, alerting you when your attention is needed.


Also, it gives advice on how to improve your status helping you achieve your goals day by day.

Shamat is the solution for different marketing activities:


  1.   Preliminary sector analysis for prospect and clients
  2.   Brand Benchmarking with competitors
  3.   Periodic report activity on digital marketing
  4.   Results assessment of marketing campaigns
  5.   Constant monitoring on competitors activities
  6.   Idea researching for new content and strategy
  7.   Suggestions on strategy improvement

Shamat is useful for several types of users:


  • Marketing Manager, to keep under control their situation and monitor competitors;
  • Top Manager, to understand at a glance the strengths / weaknesses and which areas need improvement;
  • Marketing Agencies, to quickly analyze prospects for tenders and to monitor the data for multiple clients simultaneously, simplifying reports creation;
  • Consultants, to plan marketing strategies and show the improvements to their customers.
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Working on competitive analysis with Shamat


The integrated content marketing solution

Reading the new content at breakfast with Conveio

Conve.io is the service that makes your content marketing efforts effective. It collects on a single platform all the content you publish on different channels: from your blog, to your posts on social networks, to your commercials, to the product documentation, to product reviews, etc.


Thanks to Conve.io, all your content becomes accessible from a single platform (that you can easily integrate to your site), which is simple to navigate and gives users the ability to interact. In fact, on Conve.io users can participate, commenting on the articles and adding new content as you like. According to your decision, they can write articles in a special section of the blog, or upload photos to a photo contest, or even post reviews, recipes, tips or other elements decided by you. Your imagination is the only limit!

Here are some of the many features of Conve.io:

  1. It integrates with any website and blog, extracting contents;
  2. It integrates with leading social networks (others on request);
  3. It’s simple to customize in terms of graphics and content;
  4. Administrators can moderate the users generated content;
  5. It’s possible to  enable/disable the users’ ability to interact;
  6. It’s possible to create contests and types of user generated content.

Conve.io is perfect for multiple uses:

  • Blog, thanks to an easy and effective text editor;
  • Social Wall, to collect all content published on social networks;
  • Forum, allowing users to create discussion threads;
  • Community, where users can interact with each other;
  • Contest Builder, to create contests and user generated content campaigns.
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The suite of services for social media monitoring and interacting.

Sysomos is the leading provider of web and social media monitoring tools. In addition to having access to a huge number of data sources, from the major social networks to the smallest forums (it has a database of more than 220 billion online conversations, with up to 2 years historical data), Sysomos developed a proprietary semantic algorithm to analyze mentions texts, identifying sentiment and topics.


Sysomos offers a full suite of web marketing tools, covering web and social media monitoring, social customer care, image analysis and recognition, distributed management of social media teams,influencer identification and contact. In particular, it is one of the few providers to offer the new Facebook topic data service, PYLON, to analyze Facebook private conversations in aggregate form.

Sysomos is the solution to various marketing activities:

  1. Monitor the reputation of a brand and its competitors
  2. Analyze trends and conversations around products and interests
  3. Find inspiration for content, identify industry influencers
  4. Analyze private conversations on Facebook while respecting privacy, identifying demographics, interests, topics, etc.
  5. Manage crises and interact with users who speak the brand (the so-called “social customer care”)
  6. Analyze the images published online to recognize logos and products, also for anti-counterfeiting purposes
  7. Manage multiple social teams and digital channels simultaneously, checking permits, publication queues, etc.
  8. Evaluate the results of one or more online and offline campaigns.

Sysomos helps different types of users:


  • Customer care, to read customer comments, respond promptly and manage reputation crisis;
  • Marketing Manager, to organize the publication of posts on social channels and manage the marketing team;
  • Public Relations Offices, to monitor articles on brands, locate blog and interesting newspapers, locate and contact influencers;
  • Marketing Agencies, for market researches, strategies planning, trends identification, etc;
  • Consultants for industry analysis and to follow customers’ reputation.
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Monitoring social media with Sysomos

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