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Do you really know how is your online marketing is going? Let’s find it out together.

Competitive Analysis

Are you reaching customers online better than competitors? Who’s your industry benchmark?

Reputation Analysis

What do people say about your and your competitors products? Who and where do they talks about them?

Market Researches

Which of your products is more talked about? How to launch a new product? What are the next trends?

Campaign ROI Evaluation

How are your online campaign performing? Are your reaching your goals through your investments?

We help you plan a winning strategy

Starting from the analysis results, we help you develop digital strategies to reach more and more customers, online and beyond. Because in the end, the main goal is selling.

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We offer you the right tools

We provide you with three tools that simplify and empower your online marketing.

Shamat tablet example

Evaluate and monitor the results from your digital marketing activities, comparing them with competitors.

Conveio laptop example

Amplifies and enhances your content marketing strategy, creating a virtual place to interact with your community.

Sysomos laptop example

The leading provider for web and social media monitoring and managing tools, of which we are partner for Italy.

Official Sysomos partner for Italy and South Europe

As Sysomos partner for Italy and Southern Europe, we offer you all the information and assistance you need on all Sysomos products. Contact us for a demo or to find out which product better fit your needs!

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Knowing more than your competitors is the best competitive advantage.

Stop wasting time: you have the opportunity to be one step ahead your competitors, anticipating them and taking advantage of their strengths and weaknesses.